General rules

The competition is for offroad cars (total mass under 3500kg)

The competition has three (3) main classes: Original, Standard, and Modified classes, as well as a Safari class.

The number of persons per car is determined by the number of seats and seatbelts.

Only one winch per car is allowed in all the classes (placement and the direction of the pull decided by team)

Any additional winches will be sealed during the checkup.

Safety bars or roll cages are not obligatory but there may be checkpoints that are dangerous, therefore caution and consideration is advised.

All classes have the same checkpoints. In order to get a qualified result in the competition, the team must retrieve at least one checkpoint according to the rules.

All GPS navigation devices are forbidden.

The use of digital maps is forbidden.

Female teams are allowed to use tyres that are 2 inches higher.

Compulsory equipment for all classes:

Powder extinguisher, minimum 2kg.

First Aid kit.

A functioning mobile phone.

Points of towing at the front and rear of the car.

A load strap to protect the trees and a tow rope/load strap and 2 shackles.

A hammer

An analog compass

The above equipment and the required documents for the vehicle will be checked at the vehicle inspection before the competition.


The car has be to registered, to have passed the inspection and have a valid traffic insurance.

Maximum tyre size is 31” (787mm). The car may be raised/elevated by 51mm by altering the suspension. Portal axles are not allowed.


The car should have at least temporary register plates and a valid traffic insurance.

Maximum tyre size 33” (838mm). Portal axles are not allowed except UAZ originals.


The car should have at least temporary register plates and a valid traffic insurance.

Maximum tyre size 39,5” (1003mm).

Portal axles are allowed, the maximum tyre size in this case is 36” (914mm).

Hydraulic steering is allowed.


The car should have at least temporary register plates and a valid traffic insurance.

The class is open to all offroad cars.

There are no prizes in this class but participants will be included in the raffle.


Other obligatory issues applying to all teams:

Traffic rules must be followed on public roads.

All equipment must be well secured.

It is forbidden to use or have a chainsaw or an axe in the vehicle.

While using a tree to winch the car, a load strap must be used to protect the tree and it must be placed right at the base of the tree.

Unnecessary damaging and littering of nature is forbidden.

Using outside help is not allowed when navigating to the checkpoints and finding the routes.

While driving outside of the areas marked in the maps, it is prohibited to leave the public roads.

Oil damages over 1 litre must be reported to the office immediately.

The speed limit is 60 km/h on all dirt roads unless otherwise marked.

The organiser has the right to restrict the number of contestants and to change the rules.

The breaking of the rules will result in a punishment!

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